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Foundation Chairman & CEO Spencer F. Eccles, nephew of George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles, is chairman emeritus of the Intermountain Region of Wells Fargo & Co. A banker for 40 years with First Security Corporation, he led the organization as its chairman and chief executive officer from 1982 to 2000.

At right: Mr. Eccles speaks on behalf of his “Aunt Lolie” (Dolores Doré Eccles) at the ground-breaking ceremony for the Dolores Doré Eccles Broadcast Center at the University of Utah in November 1989.

Message from the chairman & ceo

We are proud to share with you the breadth and scope of the partnerships we have built throughout Utah. These partnerships reflect the countless ways in which the lives of individuals and families have been improved or enriched through the combined efforts of the Foundation and Utah’s non-profit community.

The dream of George and Dolores Doré “Lolie” Eccles in establishing their foundation was to “improve the quality of life enjoyed by the people of Utah.” That purpose remains unchanged today. The Foundation is committed to investing in the communities and state where Lolie and George, and the banking empire he led for more than 40 years – First Security Corporation, now a vital part of Wells Fargo & Co. – prospered with the support and involvement of their fellow Utahns.

Today, as evidenced by the more than $270 million in gifts granted by the Foundation during the years 1992-2004, the dream is very much alive. In fact, grants given during our first decade (1982-1991) totaled just over $30 million – an amount we now grant annually.

As stewards for George and Lolie, we are mindful of the challenge to use the Foundation’s resources well, and of our responsibility to invest widely with our non-profit partners. Through our grants we hope to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals, whether it is through a new community park for the children of Annabella, Utah ... or college scholarships for students throughout the state ... or the success of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games spotlighting Utah to the world ... or the work of the Eccles Institute for Human Genetics in developing new medical treatments and cures.

The multiplier effect of the resources we invest in Utah today will renew themselves again and again, creating ever more vibrant communities. It is in this spirit that we look forward with great anticipation to continuing to work with Utahns to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Spencer Eccles signature

Spencer F. Eccles
Chairman & CEO