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The restored First Security House at Salt Lake City’s historic Fort Douglas, now part of the University of Utah, and former U scholar-athlete Amy Ewert Jacobson, among the first students to live in the new campus “living and learning” center. A star in the classroom and on the basketball court, Amy was Utah’s 2001 NCAA “Woman of the Year.”

A Dream Fulfilled: Fort Douglas, an historic “American treasure” established in the 1860's by order of President Abraham Lincoln, lives on because of the interest and support of those who care not only about education, but also about preserving one of Utah’s most valuable historic sites.

Investing in Education

Education (24%)
$33.1 million

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Total Foundation Grants
2000-04: $137.8 Million

Grant-Making Goals

On nearly every college and university campus in Utah, the Foundation supports scholarships, facilities, and programs to give students greater opportunities to succeed in their lives and careers. The Foundation remains committed to sustaining strong colleges and universities, and to advancing new generations of scholars and researchers. It also supports outreach and enrichment programs to give all Utahns access to quality education.

“The benefits of investing in education reach far beyond any single campus or community,” says Foundation Chairman and CEO Spencer F. Eccles. "Our grants to education are made as investments in the long-term growth, development, and economic well-being of the people of Utah.”

Grant-Making Guidelines

Foundation gifts in this area are directed to qualified charitable organizations, including colleges and universities, that elevate the overall excellence of higher education in Utah by strengthening the quality of their academic and outreach programs, scholarships, faculty, and facilities, and by helping all Utahns reach their educational goals, thereby strengthening the state's economy through a more educated citizenry.

Grant Highlight
Fort Douglas Heritage Commons, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

When military officers moved into their new Fort Douglas quarters in 1876, they could never have predicted that future tenants of their stately sandstone homes would be university  students ... or athletes during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. But 125 years later, that's precisely who moved in!

After serving as the Athletes' Olympic Village, the University of Utah's Fort Douglas Heritage Commons residential complex in the historic former military fort now gives U students the opportunity to live on campus in a unique setting.

Among the new residents are the Eccles MBA Scholars who live at First Security House, one of the homes restored with a Foundation grant. The home is named for the Utah banking empire led by both George S. Eccles and his father, pioneering Utah industrialist and U business school namesake David Eccles. At First Security House, top MBA students from the David Eccles School of Business have a campus home with Foundation-sponsored scholarships and programs enabling them to immerse themselves in business education.