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Among the Foundation’s grants are those that assist organizations in preserving Utah’s open lands and habitat for the state's wildlife.

Foundation Procedures

To Submit a Grant Application

To determine if you qualify to apply, and to request a grant application, see “Request a Grant Application” on this website.

Grant applications may be submitted at any time once you have been provided with a Grant Application Form. Your application will generally be acted upon within 90 days of receipt at a quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors.

In order to prepare for submitting an application, be aware that you will be required to include the following with your completed Grant Application Form:

Incomplete Grant Application Forms may be considered ineligible for review by the Foundation’s directors.

In addition to a printed copy, you will be required to submit the Grant Application Form on a disc in WordPerfect or Microsoft Word.

Foundation Action on Grant Applications Organization Follow-up to Grants Grant Denials

The Foundation continues to receive an increased number of applications for grants, often at higher dollar amounts, without comparable increases in Foundation funds available for distribution. Therefore, it must regrettably deny requests from time-to-time for outstanding and worthwhile projects within the Foundation’s areas of interest, but beyond its fiscal ability to provide assistance.