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Justin Dolling, land management specialist for Utah Wildlife Resources, works in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and area communities to preserve Utah’s Great Salt Lake shoreline, seen in the background. The Great Salt Lake is an international landmark, precious natural resource, and a major stopping point for millions of migratory birds.

A Dream Fulfilled: “In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy,” says John Sawhill, former president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. Through the efforts of such partner organizations, many of Utah’s vital natural resources and historic places are being protected and preserved for future generations.

Investing in Preservation & Conservation

Preservation &
Conservation (12%)
$16.3 million

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Total Foundation Grants
2000-04: $137.8 million

Grant-Making Goals

During the past decade alone, Foundation-sponsored initiatives have helped permanently protect more than 26,000 acres of Utah’s wild lands and open spaces for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. In addition, working with Envision Utah, the Foundation supports planning initiatives addressing Utah’s future growth.

The Foundation also supports revitalization of inner-city neighborhoods and the protection and restoration of significant community landmarks. It has already assisted with the preservation of such places as Salt Lake City’s Cathedral of the Madeleine, Provo’s Brigham Young Academy, and the Hole-in-the-Rock trail in Southern Utah. Grants have also helped save historic railroad depots, school houses, pioneer barns ... even ghost towns.

“These historic places and natural spaces give a unique richness to Utah’s future,” says Foundation President Lisa Eccles. “Though our state is growing rapidly, we still have a chance to safeguard its most significant natural lands and historic treasures. It’s not only a rare and exceptional opportunity – it’s a responsibility.”

Grant-Making Guidelines

Foundation gifts in this area are directed to qualified charitable organizations that preserve and protect the natural environment, and to those involved in historic preservation including the renovation and restoration of unique historic structures, and programs that foster an understanding and appreciation of the history of Utah and its many cultures.

Grant Highlight
The Nature Conservancy of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

In his daily sojourns amidst the marsh grasses of the Great Salt Lake wetlands, it’s not uncommon for Justin Dolling, land management specialist for Utah Wildlife Resources, to see a spectacular Blue Heron take off in flight.  In the protected beauty of this tranquil home to great varieties of migrating birds, he often forgets that just a few miles away, jumbo jet liners are taking off from the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Says David Livermore, director of The Nature Conservancy of Utah, “It’s thrilling when we can create partnerships to preserve extraordinary places like the Great Salt Lake and still meet the needs of Utah’s metropolitan communities. People like Justin work in collaboration with many individuals and groups to make it happen.

Collaboration has been key in The Nature Conservancy’s Utah’s Lasting Landscapes campaign, launched in 2000. The most ambitious public and private conservation initiative in the state’s history, the campaign has brought together Utahns with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to preserve threatened environments and open spaces in areas from the Great Salt Lake and the Provo River to the Colorado River and Canyonlands. The George S. and Dolores Adore Eccles Foundation was pleased to take a leadership role in the campaign with an $8 million, multi-year matching grant.