Application Process

Submit a Letter of Inquiry

To submit a Letter of Inquiry and determine if you are eligible to submit a full application, you must first create an account through our online grant application portal

Submit an Inquiry

Submit a Grant Application

Upon approval of your Letter of Inquiry, you will then submit a Grant Application Form through our online portal. Your application will generally be acted upon within 90 days of receipt at a quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors.

To prepare for submission of an application, be aware that you will be required to include the following with your completed Grant Application Form:

  • Cover letter from your CEO or Executive Director
  • Your organization’s most recent audited financial statements, including balance sheets and income statement, and latest form 990 (if applicable)
  • Your organization’s 501(c)(3) IRS determination letter showing tax-exempt status (not required for units of government such as cities, counties, public schools, etc.)
  • Full project budget
  • List of your organization’s board of directors and officers
  • When applicable, photographs or architectural renderings that portray and further explain visually the specific project or need, especially for construction, restoration, preservation, or conservation projects
  • Two letters of support for your organization and project

Incomplete Grant Application Forms may be considered ineligible for review by the Foundation’s directors.

Foundation Action on Grant Applications

The Foundation’s Board of Directors meets quarterly to approve or deny grant requests; the timing of these meetings is variable.

  • If significant changes occur in the status of the project after submission of an application, it is important for the organization to provide the Foundation with updated information (via e-mail). In particular, the Foundation should be notified of any changes in the project’s focus, time-line, or budget, and progress toward its funding, including any major contributions.
  • Prior to each quarterly meeting, Foundation directors carefully review all applications received. This may include follow-up conversations and/or a site visit by a Foundation representative. Such discussions or indication of interest should not be considered as a commitment by the Foundation. A final decision on each application is made at a meeting of the Board.
  • An organization will be notified in writing, not by phone, of the approval or denial of its grant request, generally within two weeks of the decision of the Board of Directors. Often, if a grant is approved, this written notice will include payment of the grant or a first payment on a multi-year grant.
  • Grant requests declined will not be reconsidered for 12 months following the denial of funding. They may be considered again after that time only with prior approval from the Foundation and with a new grant application that includes updated or additional information as requested.

Organization Follow-up to Grants

  • Last Dollar/Matching Grants: In regard to “last dollar” or “matching” grants awarded by the Foundation, which require other monies to be raised in order to qualify for the Foundation’s grant, it is the responsibility of the organization to report on its progress toward or completion of the grant requirements prior to the established deadline. Failure to do so may disqualify the organization from receiving the grant.
  • Grant Impact Information: The Foundation requests that organizations provide information about the benefits accrued from grants awarded by the Foundation. An organization’s responsible use of a prior grant, and the grant’s impact on meeting community needs, are likely to be considered by the directors in their review of additional requests from any organization.
  • Status Reports: The Foundation requests brief, periodic status reports on projects or programs that are “in progress” for which it has granted funds, particularly in the case of long-term projects toward which it is making multi-year grant payments.
  • Unexpended Funds: The Foundation requires organizations to report any grant funds not expended for the expressed purpose of the grant, and may require that such excess funds be returned to the Foundation.
  • Named Facilities, Programs, and Plaques: Organizations should receive prior review and approval by the Foundation of any facility naming, plaque, or tribute materials to be associated with a grant from the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation.

Grant Denials

The Foundation continues to receive an increased number of applications for grants, often at higher dollar amounts, without comparable increases in Foundation funds available for distribution. Therefore, it must regrettably deny requests from time-to-time for outstanding and worthwhile projects within the Foundation’s focus areas, but beyond its fiscal ability to provide assistance.